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The Irish Donkey Society celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary

This year the Irish Donkey Society celebrates its 50th Anniversary. This is an amazing milestone and a wonderful achievement.

We warmly congratulate all the devoted members, past and present, who over the years have worked so hard and displayed such inspiring resilience by taking the opportunities and overcoming the obstacles to ensure the high standards and worthy objectives of the Society were always upheld and implemented.

This moral fortitude and commitment has won the admiration and affection of people from all walks of life from all parts of Ireland and beyond.

The current committee is proud to announce that the 50th anniversary will be especially marked and celebrated at the Mullingar Agricultural Show on Sunday 10th July, the Bonni Conlon Show in County Mayo on the August Monday Bank Holiday, and the RDS Dublin Horse Show on Sunday 21st August. In addition to these special events, the committee also plans to hold other occasions as part of the special anniversary.

The distinguished past and present of the Society provide firm confidence for the future as we look forward to meeting past and present members and supporters at the different events. The committee extends a very warm invitation to everyone to the events and we look forward to meeting you there.

The Donkey has earned the right to be enormously respected in our country and all lovers of donkeys must be vigilant to ensure neglect, cruelty, and harm are not visited upon them. The donkey provides so much pleasure for its owners and the donkey’s qualities of gentleness, humility, and loyalty continue to shine as a beacon for every human being to emulate in living their own humanity. In different countries, the donkey continues to be a valued companion to those who benefit from its support in farming and transport. At all times we must care for the donkey as the donkey for us.

What a blessing the donkey has been and is and will be in the future. The Irish Donkey Society feels privileged to have the opportunity to continue working for the benefit and well-being of the donkey. The Society most sincerely appreciates the generosity it has received over 50 years and looks forward to continued support in the years to come.

Thank you

Alastair Graham
Alastair Graham
Chair – Irish Donkey Society