Improving the Welfare, Awareness & Status of Donkeys in Ireland

Why we keep a donkey

The Irish Donkey Society cooperates with and supports the great work done by the established welfare organisations such as the ISPCA and several donkey sanctuaries around the country to alleviate suffering of these noble animals.

Happily, there is a greater awareness of the donkey and its needs, thanks to many owners who are now bringing their donkeys to shows at venues all over the country.

Despite their exotic origins, donkeys are ‘more Irish than the Irish’ as the saying goes and are associated with Ireland and the countryside in popular literature, art and music. Let us continue to cherish them and bestow on them the affection and care that they richly deserve.

Donkeys generally have excellent temperaments; they are dignified, humble, patient and quiet. They do not deserve the reputation for being stubborn. Rather, they are intelligent and will not subject themselves to danger, real or apparent.