11 Unique Donkey Breeds from

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11 Unique Donkey Breeds from

Donkeys first arrived in North America with Columbus and the rest of the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors.

As useful pack animals, they quickly “burro’d” their way into the hearts and minds of the early settlers, and continue to charm their owners today.

Here is a list of 11 donkey breeds commonly found in America – and beyond.

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Standard Donkey


Photo of the Month

Donkeys are not stubborn!

Donkeys are not stubborn!

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IDS Winners at 2020 Virtual Online Shows

RDS Winners Rosette

The Irish Donkey Society’s members played a huge role in a number of Virtual Shows that happened in 2020, being winners and runners up in many categories.

RDS Virtual Show

The Donkey Exhibition on the Sunday took place virtually on Facebook, we were overwhelmed with the 47 entries, from all over Ireland. From both members and non-members. The RDS finalists on the Sunday were, Clare Heneghan x2 made the shortlist. Marnie Squires, Caroline Giles-Lee x4 made shortlist and Suzi Truesdale x2. The overall winner was Suzi Truesdale, with Ratallagh Daisy, an 8 year […]

Kinedale Donkeys’ Latest Arrivals

Kinedale Donkeys’ Latest Arrivals

Kinedale Lord of Telmar – Caspian

Baby Caspian was born on the 11th June 2020, at around 22:50. Donkey foals are generally born in the early hours of the morning and we were on a restricted sleep schedule for 3 weeks!

Thus, a final check before bed and spotting a little wet long-eared baby was a very welcome sight. His mother, Silver Jubilee of Kinedale (Meg) is 13 years old and this is her first foal with us. We were not sure how protective nor how maternal a mother she was, so there was an extra level […]

Meet Some Of Our New & Existing Members!

The Irish Donkey Society has a wonderful, dedicated and donkey loving mix of members, some of whom have been with us for many years and some who are new to fold,

We wanted to introduce them to you and give you a little flavour of our membership so this month we are so happy to share Mairead and Amanda’s stories with you.

Mairead Lynch’s interest in donkeys goes back to the 1960’s in Co Donegal and you can read more of her story and see some photos by clicking here.

Amanda Wallace was born and […]

An Ode to Balmoral – a poem by Becky Figueira

An Ode to Balmoral

Donkey rescued after being found with ‘deep’ wound and tied up in south Dublin field

A DONKEY HAS been rescued in south Dublin after being allegedly raffled and whipped.

A spokesperson for the My Lovely Horse Rescue charity said they were made aware on Sunday of videos of the donkey, which has been named Mac, allegedly being whipped and dragged along the road in the Ballyfermot and Clondalkin area.

The spokesperson said they had also received reports of the donkey being raffled off.

Following a search by a number of volunteers, the donkey was found tied to a bollard with a “pretty deep” wound on his leg in the Liffey Valley area.

The spokesperson said […]

A Christmas message from our Chairman The Rev. Alastair Graham to all

4:19 pm

I would like to wish everyone in the Society a very happy, safe and blessed Christmas.  I hope you will be able to find time for rest and relaxation.

The pandemic has brought no shortage of fear, financial anxiety, sickness and too many deaths and I would like to extend my sincere condolences to any member of the Society who has, or whose family has, suffered in any way due to the Corona virus.  However, thankfully we can all look  with confidence to the New Year, in the hope that the vaccines will enable everyone to […]

Christmas ’20 stories & photos from Kinedale Donkeys

On Saturday 28th November we drove the donkey, Remus into Ballynahinch town to collect a Christmas Tree from a new small nursery and coffee shop, Blue Cedar. Remus also went and collected livestock feed in the slipe and towed it home. Bringing many smiles to folk of the town and lots of pictures were taken by passersby.

From 1st December we have begun “Elf on the Shelf”, everyday the elf will be photographed being naughty around the yard with the various animals. People can follow our Facebook page to see the latest shenanigans.

Today, 2nd December, Remus and Hobnob ventured […]

Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club – Donkey and Sheep – Grass Court Maintenance in the 1890s

We would not normally think of associating Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club with donkeys, but back in the 1890s Fitzwilliam bought a donkey! The minutes of the Fitzwilliam committee meeting on Wednesday 15th April 1891 record: Resolved “That the Ground Committee be authorised to purchase a Lawn Tennis ground mower and a donkey to draw same, for the grass courts and to make all arrangements with reference thereto”.

View the whole PDF article by clicking here or read on below.

British Horse Society: Changes to insurance policies as a result of the UK leaving the EU

3:09 pm

Changes to insurance policies as a result of the UK leaving the EU and regulations in place by the Central Bank of Ireland

A large number of insurers and brokers will no longer have permissions by the regulator to issue policies in EU territories, including the Republic of Ireland from 1st January 2021.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, along with our insurance provider SEIB, and following the regulatory changes we will only have permissions to administer policies for individuals based in the UK. This will affect our Gold Members in the Republic of […]

New Guide Puts the Spotlight on Donkey Hoof Care and Lameness

3:04 pm

A new resource guide to the latest peer-reviewed articles and theses on donkey hoof science and lameness studies has been made available online for free.

HoofSearch has compiled a collection of 2019-2020 peer-reviewed donkey hoof articles and theses into a freely available document.

Click here to view this free resource.

The guide created by HoofSearch, the index of equine foot research from Hoofcare Publishing, is freely accessible online to anyone interested in monitoring advances in donkey hoof health or improving the soundness-related welfare of working donkeys. There are an estimated 44 million […]