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The Irish Donkey Society Show Director/ Amanda Wallace & Family of Kinedale goes Virtual at the Cork Summer Show

July 4th & 5th 2020

Cork Virtual Summer Show is an opportunity for all IDS members to enjoy all the fun of showing without leaving their own yards. Get the whole family involved as we do at the Dublin Horse Show and let people see what wonderful animals donkeys are.

You need to prepare the donkeys and handlers as you would for any show. When all prepared, enter by uploading a video no longer than three minutes showing the animal off as if they were in a show ring. ie: walking the Donkey out and trotting back to your starting position, then stand the Donkey up, showing teeth and lifting front hoof. For the driving class, do your figure of eight, again stand up your turnout for inspection of tack and vehicle.

Entry fee is €5 and all the entry fees are being donated to Charity.

You can enter by registering at:

The boys are going to prepare our donkeys on Friday and they will be videoing this and putting up on the Kinedale Facebook page.

If anyone needs any help feel free to contact Robert or me and we will give any assistance we can.

Come on IDS members, let’s have a great time this weekend and send Brendan videos of all your presentations so we can all learn from each other. We have all missed getting out and see friends both human and long-eared and this is a great opportunity to enjoy seeing each other, our donkeys and to raise money for good cause.