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Meet Some Of Our New & Existing Members!

The Irish Donkey Society has a wonderful, dedicated and donkey loving mix of members, some of whom have been with us for many years and some who are new to fold,

We wanted to introduce them to you and give you a little flavour of our membership so this month we are so happy to share Mairead and Amanda’s stories with you.

Mairead Lynch’s interest in donkeys goes back to the 1960’s in Co Donegal and you can read more of her story and see some photos by clicking here.

Amanda Wallace

Amanda Wallace was born and raised in Castlereagh, just outside Belfast, Co Down and set up Kinedale Donkeys with her husband Robert. Read all about her story by clicking here.

Caroline Giles-Lee

Caroline Giles-Lee has 5 donkeys which you might see in her front field as you pass! Read all about her story by clicking here.