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Kinedale Donkeys’ Latest Arrivals

Kinedale Donkeys’ Latest Arrivals

Kinedale Lord of Telmar – Caspian

Baby Caspian was born on the 11th June 2020, at around 22:50. Donkey foals are generally born in the early hours of the morning and we were on a restricted sleep schedule for 3 weeks!

Thus, a final check before bed and spotting a little wet long-eared baby was a very welcome sight. His mother, Silver Jubilee of Kinedale (Meg) is 13 years old and this is her first foal with us. We were not sure how protective nor how maternal a mother she was, so there was an extra level of worry for us. Since then she has been an amazing mama, protective and helpfully guides him but, also allowing us to get in close with him and check on him from the get-go.

Due to her Provence bloodlines she is larger than most of our donkeys and Caspian has carried that too…he is MASSIVE! At 6 weeks old he is bigger than our 3 year old miniature, Tinkerbell. We have a chair in the stable where we can observe him and let him get used to our presence. We had no need to be coy, Caspian comes and sits on your lap, with his torso fully laid on you and his legs dangling. He loves belly scratches and thinks he always deserves them, including when cleaning his stable or refreshing his water.

He has recently discovered his bray and now spends his time racing around the paddock making a racket with his half-sister, Kinedale Little Tipple.

Kinedale Little Tipple – Tipple

She was born in the early hours of 23rd July 2020 to Kinedale Magic Chablis, 2 weeks early, we hadn’t began rotating nightshifts when the daintiest little baby greeted us the next morning, bright eyed and bushy-maned! She is a fourth generation Kinedale stock, making her pedigree foal.

She is the spit of her mother and both babies are from our stallion, Spiced Rum of Kinedale, who is black as coal. As we were not there within the first few minutes of birth like with Caspian she has taken a day or two to come round to idea of cuddles and kisses. She is significantly smaller than Caspian and we worried that he may end up being unwittingly rough. They have bonded lovely and if she gets too tired, she can either slip under Meg’s neck or gets Chablis to stand between them and give her a breather.

Both the foals are destined to be used as therapy donkeys and Caspian will likely be trained to ride and drive as his size will be beneficial in taken larger vehicles or taller people. Tipple may be the right size for visiting nursing homes and schools. They have both been welcome bundles of joy and much needed joy during this difficult time. We cannot wait for people to be able to meet them.

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