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Census 2021 of all equine animals

The Minister for Agriculture has announced that a census of all equine animals will take place at the end of November this year. This is an important development for all owners of ‘horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, asses and zebras’. This will be the first time that such a census will be taken for the purpose of gathering information in the event of an outbreak of disease, in addressing many public-health concerns and in dealing with lost, straying or stolen horses, donkeys, etc. Anyone in the State who keeps equines will be required to submit a completed return within a specified timeline.

Equine census details will be submitted online by equine keepers via Keepers of equines who do not already have an agfood account must register at to obtain their personal login details in order to submit their census information.

Applications to register a premises to keep equines should be made to the applicant’s local DAFM Regional Office – information/9dc27-contact-us/#regional-offices.

Find out more information at

Keepers of equines are legally required to ensure that all animals in their care are properly identified with a passport. Failure to do so is an offence. Passport Issuing Organisations (PIOs) are listed on the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) website. You may find it helpful to refer to our website section Irish Donkeys/ Responsibilities for Donkey owners for more information on registration of premises and identification of animals.


The census has taken place on the night of November 30th. It is not too late to submit your details for inclusion by Friday December 17th 2021. Telephone 01 5058881 or Email